Bethany College Closed Courses for FA 2011

As of 07/12/2014

  Course               Title                Section Instructor Seats
 ======== ================================= ======= ========== ======
 AR110        Drawing I                       A     Shaw, F    CLOSED
                                              A     Shaw, F    CLOSED

 AR120        Painting I                      A     Shaw, F    CLOSED
                                              A     Shaw, F    CLOSED

 AR185        Art History Survey 1            A     Kahler, B  CLOSED

 AR330        Wheel Throwing Ceramics         A     Powell, A  CLOSED
                                              A     Powell, A  CLOSED

 AR395        Gallery Practice                A     Pogue, Ed  CLOSED

 AR396A       Painting Focus                  A     Shaw, F    CLOSED

 AR396B       Ceramics Focus                  A     Powell, A  CLOSED

 AR396D       Drawing Focus                   A     Shaw, F    CLOSED

 AS003        Introduction to Composition     A     Chalfant,M   1
                                              B     Chalfant,M CLOSED

 AT105        Professional Rescuer First Aid  A     Slack, D     1

 BI124        Introductory Biology I          A     McDonald   CLOSED

 BI124L       Introductory Biology I Lab      A     McDonald     1
                                              B     McDonald   CLOSED
                                              D     McDonald   CLOSED

  Course               Title                Section Instructor Seats
 ======== ================================= ======= ========== ======
 BI340        *Histology                      A     Kozubowski CLOSED
                                              A     Kozubowski CLOSED

 BU202        Leadership                      A     Carlson, R CLOSED

 CM101        Human Communication             A     Isaacson,C CLOSED

 CM110        Speaking and Listening          A     Jenkins, T   1

 CM211        Argumentation                   A     Isaacson,C   1

 CO101        Bethany Seminar                 A     Smith, D   CLOSED
                                              B     Bales, E.    1
                                              C     Pound, M   CLOSED
                                              E     Taylor, Tr CLOSED
                                              G     Oriade, A  CLOSED
                                              H     Esses, J   CLOSED
                                              L     Leonard, E   1
                                              N     Frost, D.    1
                                              P     Carson, D  CLOSED
                                              R     Ring, A    CLOSED

 ED100        Intro to Teacher Ed Seminar     A     Holmquist    1

 ED320        PreK & Elementary School Art    A     Powell, A    1

 ED355        Educational Psychology          A     Hyler, E   CLOSED

  Course               Title                Section Instructor Seats
 ======== ================================= ======= ========== ======
 EN101        Thinking and Writing            B     Bowman, D  CLOSED
                                              C     Lewis, L   CLOSED

 GO120        Human Geography                 A     Clark R    CLOSED
                                              B     Clark R    CLOSED

 HI101        History of the U.S. to 1877     B     Ferguson,B   1
                                              B     Ferguson,B   1

 HN101        First Year Honors Seminar       A     Van Tassel   1

 MA101        Intermediate Algebra            B     Forrester    1

 PE110        Community First Aid & Safety    A     Seacat, M    1

 PE130        History & Principles of P.E.    A     Scheufler  CLOSED

 PE303        Challenges of Coaching          A     Scheufler    1

 PE308        Motivational Sports Leadership  A     Campion, J   1

 PH101L       General Physics I Lab           C     Oriade, A  CLOSED

 PY125        The Psychology Major            A     Ring, A    CLOSED

 PY201        Statistics for Behavioral and   A     Douglas, D CLOSED
                                              B     Douglas, D CLOSED

  Course               Title                Section Instructor Seats
 ======== ================================= ======= ========== ======
 PY355        Educational Psychology          A     Ring, A    CLOSED

 RL100        Christianity in Its Global      A     MacLennan,   1
                                              B     MacLennan, CLOSED

 SE320        Beginning American Sign LanguageA     ACCK         1

 TH111        Acting                          A     LeGault, G   1